First impact purchase deadline

We are approaching the deadline for the first round of funding (March 25th).

If you have not yet, consider applying! The application should take less than twenty minutes, and you will probably make a substantial profit, as well as helping to make the world better.

I’m told it would be good to have more examples of things to sell. I’m not selling things, because I’m one of the ones buying them. But if I were selling things, here are some examples of things I might try to sell:

  • This blog post about the altruistic value of being vegetarian
  • These investigations into improving personal effectiveness via typing faster and taking drugs
  • Work I did on AI Impacts before it was at MIRI, e.g. an interview with an AI researcher that I haven’t put up yet
  • Organization of the High Impact Philosophy discussion group

Don’t misunderstand—I like all of these things. But there is some amount of money I would prefer to each of them, and I think it looks plausible that I could get it (were I on the selling things side).

If you have questions, please ask them in the comments—we will endeavor to answer.

This blog will have updates on the process and results of each round. It will also have reminders about future deadlines. If you’d like to hear about any of these things, we also now have an RSS feed (see left).


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